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Traditional Mud-Bed Shower Pans

Pictures of a Shower Pan Process

Video of the testing of the shower pan liner

Why hire Houston Tile Works for your shower pan replacement?
Imagine you hired a plumber for the shower pan and then you hired a tile company for the installation. Then you realize your shower pan is leaking, who do you call?
You will first call the plumber than will come to your home and swear up and down that it was the tile guy that punctured the shower pan. Then you call the tile setter and he tells you the plumber didn't install the shower pan appropriately. Neither takes the blame and you have to pay for the damage.
When you hire Houston Tile Works, we become the only responsible party, giving you peace of mind. We will handle the entire process from beginning to end, and you get a one year labor warranty!

Are all showers the same?
All showers look the same on the outside. The tile is in line and all of the patterns line up.  
However, it’s what’s on the inside of the Shower that matters. The shower pan Liner!
A Shower must be build correctly from the inside to withstand the test of time. This is one piece of vital material that is not visible from the outside is the Shower Pan.  

The Shower Pan Liner is a rubber PVC  that sits at the bottom of your Shower and catches all of the water and pushes it to the drain.  
If the shower Pan is not installed correctly the water from the Shower will leak into an adjacent room or under the house causing water damage to the walls, subfloor and floor joices.  
When you need a custom Shower Pan for years to come we provide an all in one service where we complete the whole job. This saves you time, headaches, and money. We are the only responsible party. Our company will honor our warranty should anything go wrong in the future. 
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