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Project Budgeting 

This is page is to be used as a budget planner for your project. 

The prices listed below are average pricing. Each job is unique and will need to be field inspected to provide an accurate scope of work and estimate. 

Demolition & Disposal 


Prices below are listed per square foot.

  • Carpet/padding/tack-strips $1.75/sf.

  • Vinyl or laminate $2.00/sf.

  • Tile $3.50/sf.

  • Hardwood $4.00+/sf

  • Saltillo or Terrazzo $4.00+/sf.

Other Areas

  • Backsplashes $180.00 for up to 25 square feet.

  • Fireplaces $180.00 for up to 16 square feet.

  • Tub Shower $350.00 (fiberglass or regular metal tub included. 

  • Cast Iron Tubs $450.00 ea.

  • Glass Enclosure/mirrors $350.00 ea.

Shower Pan Replacement

The pricing listed below are the typical average prices we've quoted. As mentioned above, these prices will help with budgeting but these are not exact quotes. Your shower pan replacement will need to be inspected by one of our professionals for a precise quote

The pricing listed below include:

  1. Removal/disposal of the existing shower pan. 

  2. A custom built mud-bed shower pan.

  3. Application of waterproofing membrane. 

  4. Tile instalaltion

  5. Supporting materials, such as, thin-set, standard grout, and backer-board.

  6. City inspection, if required. 

Shower Pan Replacement Pricing​

  • 1st. Floor Level (average shower pan sizes) $2,500-$4,500

  • 2nd. Floor Level (average shower pan sizes) $4,500-$6,500

  • 3rd. Floor Level (average shower pan sizes) $6,500+

The prices listed above does not include the tile cost or the glass enclosure

The client must pick out the tile, we do not provide this service. 

Kitchen Backsplashes

Prices below reflect backsplashes with a minimum of 25 square feet in size.

  • Porcelain or ceramic tile 3" x 6" or larger in size $30.00/sf.

  • Porcelain or ceramic mosaic tile (mesh backing) $35.00/sf.

  • Glass tile 3" x 6" or larger $35.00/sf.

  • Glass, metal, or glass/metal mix mosaic tile $50.00+/sf.

  • Natural stone tile 3" x 6" or larger $35.00/sf.

  • Natural stone mosaic tile (mesh backing) $40.00/sf.

  • Herringbone pattern $40.00+/sf.

  • Chevron pattern $50.00+/sf.

Add $350.00 for natural stone, glass, or metal tile on the second or third floor levels. 

Fireplaces & Split Face Feature Wall


Minimum of 16 square feet starts at $48.00/sf on the first floor level.

Add $350.00 for second floor

Add $550.00 for third floor

Feature Wall / Split Face Stone

Minimum of 80 square feet 


Tub Showers

This pricing is for installation only. Does not include demolition/debris removal, tile costs, water fixtures, shower glass enclosures, etc. 

The tub shower pricing below that include Schluter Kerdi come with a Lifetime Warranty for material and labor directly from Schluter for the original owners.
The prices below are for the tub shower walls only. 


Tile must be ceramic or porcelain tile 12"x 12" or larger. Price is for straight lay installation without any decorative borders or designs, using 1/8" spacers and standard grout.  

1st. Floor Tub shower $Call

2nd. Floor level $Call

3rd. Floor level $call

Lowest price option is using backboard instead of the Schluter Kerdi Shower system. This option excludes the Lifetime Warranty. It comes with our standard labor only warranty for one full year. 

1st Floor tub shower $Call

2nd. Floor level $Call

3rd. Floor level $Call

Tile Floors 

Prices below include labor, material appropriate thin-set, and standard grade grout. Tile cost not included. Price is per square foot. 
The prices below are starting pricing for areas that are 500 square feet or larger and that are on the first floor level on a concrete substrate. Homes that have a wood subfloor or flooring on other floor levels need to have a underlayment such as backer-board or underlayment membrane installed, the labor and material costs for that underlayment are not included below. 

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile 

  • Porcelain or Ceramic Tile installed in straight lay (grid pattern) 11.75/sf.

  • Porcelain or Ceramic tile installed in straight brick pattern $12.00/sf.

  • Porcelain or Ceramic tile installed in diamond shape (45 degree grid angle) $12.25/sf.

  • Porcelain or Ceramic wood-look tile planks in straight random pattern $12.50/sf.

  • Porcelain or Ceramic wood-look tile planks in diamond (45 degree angle) random pattern $14.00/sf.

Natural Stone Tile (Limestone, Travertine, Marble, Granite, etc.) or tile that need to be cut with a wet-saw. 

  • Natural Stone Tile installed in straight lay (grid pattern) $12.75/sf.

  • Natural Stone tile installed in straight brick pattern $13.00/sf.

  • Natural Stone tile installed in diamond shape (45 degree grid angle) $13.25/sf.

  • Natural Stone tile installed in Versailles pattern $17.00/sf.

Saltillo tile $12.00/sf+. Pricing will be determined upon examination of the Saltillo tile, shape, and desired layout. 

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